Success with Daffodils

Last week I taught a special Easter class in Cambridge of silk ribbon embroidery daffodils. It was a huge success with all of the ladies completing absolutely stunning work. As many of the ladies were beginners, they were surprised at their success of their hard work for the morning.

Silk ribbon embroidery is a great technique to learn if you are a beginner and want to start progressing further but feel alittle unsure whether an intermediate class if for you. The stitches are fairly basic for the most part and yet you can achieve just wonderful results which gives you such a satisfaction boost! Smiles all round!

Daffodils are always just perfect for Easter. Being so bright and happy even if skies are grey (which thankfully they weren’t for the bank holiday weekend!). They seemed to have come fairly early this year, but we kept the blooms going in the class.

They made a lovely project for the class as there were four clear sections to the project – the stems, leaves, petals and trumpets. All of the ribbons I hand painted using Silkcraft – a brand of Silk Paints which the colour is fixed using steam. I decided to paint a variety of greens so that each section of the project would use a different variant that would just give the finished piece more depth and the illusion of shadow and light.

This is the sampler for the class which the ladies worked from…

Have you ever tried silk ribbon embroidery? Show us what you’ve made in the comments below…

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