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Rebecca’s Recommendation

This month, I wanted to share with you another fabulous tool that I don’t often use, but when I need it, it is the best! It is a needle grabber for those times when you are stitching and for whatever reason, you just can’t get that needle through the fabric – perhaps the gold cord or the silk ribbon makes it just that little bit more difficult.

And just so you know, I’m not talking about the needle grippers that are used for surgery and look rather intimidating … no, these needle grabbers are the secret joy of any needleworker! The friend of all friends!

The reasons why I love them…

  • They are small and may look insignificant but do big things!
  • Super handy to keep in the sewing box… takes no room at all.
  • The simplest to use… like a miniature potholder but made of rubber and for needles
  • Works with every needle
  • Makes life 100% easier

I first discovered these in London (again!) when I was working on one of my costumes for uni that required hand stitching through many layers of fabric. Although it wasn’t always difficult, working through summer meant that my fingers would get hot and the needle would just slip though. The grabbers were so helpful just to keep hold of it without having to wash my hands every 2 minutes!

I don’t use them that often now, as my focus is mainly embroidery now, which generally don’t have multiple layers that can get tough. Instead, it’s perfect for helping me plunge various goldwork cords and threads through the fabric and the silk ribbon for the ribbon embroidery that I love so much.

They come in a pack of two, which is great because they are small and can easily get lost at the bottom of your sewing box. I would consider them worthy of every penny spent (not that it’s expensive, mind) but they just work so well! I bought a bunch of them for the silk ribbon embroidery class last month and so many of the ladies hadn’t heard of them but loved them, so here’s the link below for the ones I get and love!

Do you already own these needle grabbers? Tell us what you think about them! Comment below…

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