This Month’s Makes

This Month’s Makes ~ May 2019

It has been another busy month with Creatively Your’s first exhibition at a local concert and art exhibition at St John’s Church in Wellington, a new venue for future classes in June and July, a new venue for CreativiTEA social group and lots of making (which is what I always love the most!).

Turkish Crochet Rug

I have finally finished the Beginners Crochet Rug which I started last month. This project was frustrating to begin with because I was originally trying to include too many colours. But now that the colours are more focussed on a smaller palette, it made it much easier to decide how I wanted it to look. It’s not my personal style, or even my usual style of work, but it is a cultural inspired project which I made for a class that I will be teaching in July (check out the class info here). The colours have been taken from the rich Turkish rugs from the Ottoman Empire.

I am really pleased with how it turned out even though for me it was a struggle sometimes to physically crochet it. I tended to just do an hour of crochet at a time, just because of the problems I have with my wrists meant that I would start getting shooting pains which then prevented me from working on other things.

French Beaded Lavender

I have had this project in mind for awhile now, and it has finally become reality! I absolutely love the effect. I often catch the larger ones out of the corner of my eye and keep thinking that they are real. It’s the colour which I think makes it. When I was playing around with the construction of them, I was using the perfect coloured seed beads which I had previously, for quite a while, however, sadly there was only a limited amount of them and so I used a second colour for the smaller ones, which I don’t think are quite as lovely. They aren’t as delicate, so I’ve decided to make some more in a third colour which is a slightly more of a lilac colour than lavender to see how they look.  

French Beaded Bonsai Tree

Throughout last month, I was looking for inspiration for a second project in french beading, and in a roundabout way, I choose to make a bonsai tree. It was partly inspired by my husband’s interest and investment into his own bonsai trees (which he has only recently started), but also but Monet’s paintings of his garden, with his love of trees, water and flowers.

The technique was really fun to do, and something different to what I’ve done in the past with beading. I was thrilled with the finished result, and I am even considering making a whole collection of different styles and seasons of trees! I might even end up with more trees than Ross (my lovely husband!), and most certainly they will ‘grow’ quicker than his!

Russian Pearl Embroidered Statement Necklace

So, last month in my previous ‘This Month’s Makes’, I posted about a russian peral embroidery sampler for a class I hope to teach soon. Well, I was inspired and encouraged to create a second piece as a fashion item – a statement necklace. It was a wonderful opportunity to continue working with the same technique while bringing in more of the well known bead embroidery techniques alongside it.

This time I want to keep the colours fairly neutral – keeping with the gold, soft cappuccino, pearls and bringing in almost a rose gold. I wanted to make something that represented what I was inspired by, but also make it very wearable in my own wardrobe and for it to be appealing to others.

This class won’t be available just yet, but the idea is that the learners on the course would use the basic design but bring in their own flare and personality to it with the use of colour and possibly small design changes. I am really excited by this course which is still in the progress of planning and sampling but I am hoping that it won’t be too long until I can start offering it to you!

Medieval harp and hare

I have been aware that many ladies have been interested in the medieval englishwork course which I taught this month, but have felt that the work is too fine or too big a project. So, I have been working on a simpler design suitable for beginners which would be a suitable class to attend before continuing onto the intermediate course. It also uses thicker thread to just stitch the outline which again, may be more appealing to those who are not as confident to the fine work.

I took a long time deciding which illustration I wanted to use from medieval manuscripts. The medieval period was a weird and wonderful era. Many of their illustrations of animals felt like modern cartoons with animals playing various instruments, but they also created the most weird monsters, mixing different animal heads, bodies, hands and feet into a bizarre combination. As you can see, I choose the former of what felt like to me, a modern-day style of hare playing his harp. It has so much character and I just loved how quirky it is too.

Patchwork (personal project)

About four years ago, I completed my degree in London, and I decided I wanted another project that was going to be something beautiful and made just for me (as I usually make things for others). I loved the idea of taking it everywhere I went, a bit of stitching here, a bit of stitching there and I knew I wanted to do patchwork as it was something I hadn’t actually done before! So, I started my first project of English paper piecework hexagons- It’s all made by hand without a machine in sight! However… I also made the decision that I didn’t want just any ordinary hexagons… no, I started on miniature hexagons pieces of a 1/4″ wide!

Crazy, I know, but I can’t help but get drawn to the tiny things. Now, you’re going to laugh at this… but I had (and still have…) the aim of making this project into… wait for it… a throw for a double bed! (Even I chuckle at myself sometimes too, but my just rolls her eyes in disbelief!). My brother, as wonderful as he is, and being a mathematician, very kindly worked out just how long it is going to take me to make… it’s a long time I assure you. I mean, he calculated that, to just make up the hexagon shapes with the card and fabric would take me 7 years… that doesn’t even include stitching them together, removing the paper and backing it… It’s going to be a lifelong project.

Who knows whether I will ever finish it… I took a year out from stitching it a few years ago now, but I’m now back on the band wagon and I’m firing ahead. Recently I have had the time to get a lot of stitching done on a regular basis when I am hosting the CreativiTEA socials. Most weeks, I can get approx 4 hours of hexagon-making or stitching together. It’s my version of those therapeutic colouring books that are very popular at the moment – except, I will actually be able to use it when it is finished!

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