French Beaded Bonsai Tree – Beginners – COMING IN 2020


Materials included


Level: Beginners

Duration: 3 hours

Details to be confirmed for 2020

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This workshop has been inspired by Monet’s impressionist paintings of his luscious garden in Normandy, France, and his love for nature. French beading was at its height of popularity during the Victorian time, which coincided with Monet’s lifetime. Using old French beading techniques in a new and modern way, it is an effective project for any beginner. In this workshop you will be creating a miniature bonsai tree without having to wait for years for it to grow. Perfect as a gift or for the windowsill of your own home.

Alongside learning to bead, you will be immersed into the times with period French music and cake using traditional recipes, and gain inspiring insight into the history and culture relating to this craft.


In this workshop, you will learn…

– How to create leaves

– How to bind the wires to create branches and trunks

– How to attach your tree to a suitable base

– How to create a realistic ground


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