Medieval Englishwork Class – Intermediate- COMING IN 2020


Includes Materials (excepting framing)


Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4 weeks

Details to be confirmed for 2020

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The intricate work of Opus Anglicanum (Medieval Englishwork) was once at its height throughout Europe. Using an illustration from a 14th century manuscript of a noble woman as inspiration for the design, this course focuses on some of the stitches and techniques originally used to create beautiful stories and scenes for tapestries and garments, both ecclesiastical and secular. Although the stitches are simple, the work is very fine. Using single threads and particular techniques are the key to creating the facial features and background detail.

Alongside embroidering your own medieval portrait, you will be immersed into the times with Medieval music and honey cake from a traditional recipe,and explore some of the origins and history of English work.


In this four week course, you will learn…

  • Split stitch techniques.
  • Facial detailing
  • Couching using gold thread
  • And build your confidence to finish your work at home


This project will take longer to complete than the hours in class -working from home will be required. You will receive step by step instructions for each technique taught and ample assistance to help you become confident at every stage, allowing you to finish off each section at home ready for the following week.


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