Russian Pearl Embroidery – Intermediate – COMING IN 2020


Materials Included


Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4 weeks

Details to be confirmed for 2020

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Russian pearl embroidery is a striking style of embroidery with a long history. With an ample supply of fresh-water and saltwater pearls, they extensively used these to decorate their traditional costumes, headdresses, church vestments and in clothes for royalty. This course is inspired by the rich and abundant embroidery on church vestments in Russia, focusing on their technique which stands out from other styles of bead and pearl embroidery.

Alongside learning pearl embroidery, you will be immersed into the times with Russian folk music and cake using traditional recipes, and gain inspiring insight into the history and culture relating to this craft.


In this course, you will learn:

– The different techniques used in traditional Russian pearl embroidery

– Different styles of couching stitches

– How to couch and stitch pearls

– How to start and finish using cord


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