Victorian Needle Tatting Class – Beginners- COMING IN 2020


Includes Materials (excepting framing)


Level: Beginners

Details to be confirmed for 2020


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Tatting was at the height of popularity during the Victorian era. It is a form of lacemaking using either a tatting needle or shuttle to create a series of ‘loops’ and ‘bridges’ that form the lace. Inspired by the radical and life changing movement of Romanticism, which focused on creating unique pieces inspired by nature in a time of industrialism, this course teaches you the basics of the art while creating a beautiful floral piece of your own.

Alongside learning to tat, you will be immersed into the times with Victorian music, cake from a traditional recipe and gain inspiring insight into the history and origins of tatting.


In this three week course, you will learn to…

  • Hold your needle and thread
  • Create your first loops and bridges
  • Read tatting patterns and diagrams
  • Create a variety of flowers using different techniques
  • Putting the pieces together to create a final piece ready to be framed



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