We have some fantastic opportunities to connect with local crafters of Wellington and the surrounding areas through our CreativiTEA Social groups and organised trips to exhibitions, galleries and more to inspire you. See what is available below and get connected. We’d love to meet you, see your craft and hear your story…

We meet at Garden Coffee House at The Cleve Hotel, Wellington.

(Opposite Court fields School)

CreativiTEA welcomes everyone to bring their own creative project and join us for a really relaxed and friendly time of socialising with a cup of tea (or even a cocktail!)

We have crafters who knit, crochet, embroider, quilt, bead, make lace and work with many other materials. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability, experience or level of skill. There is no formal tuition but, if you need help on your project, there is sure to be a crafter willing to share their knowledge and experience.

It is the perfect opportunity to connect with local crafters, be inspired by those around you, start that project you’ve been meaning to try or find encouragement to finish one you’ve never managed to get around to finishing.

We do ask that you please support the Garden Coffee House by purchasing a drink for allowing us to meet every week.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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